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Scorpion in a brutal fight against Stark Raven
Out of all the names in the crime underworld, the name Scorpion strikes the most fear in the hearts of even the most

Scorpion vs Stark Raven
hardened criminals. Down in the criminal underworld Scorpion is also known as the Grim Reaper, for a very good reason. Little is known about this villain that strikes fear in other criminals with just his name being spoken even knowing that he is on their unlawful side. There is known to be some ties with him and NEST, even though the other NEST associates know he is errand boy if you will.

Though many know if you insult Scorpion you won't live to see another day because he is a man with no consious and wouldn't esitate to end your life like he has done to many others. He works as an assassin on the side when he doesn't do the NEST's dirty work, he really just kills people as an asassin for the joy of the kill and the hunt of the most intellegent animal, his own kind.

Scorpian is a human with only super strength and advanced reflexes due to NEST's help, he is also so dangerous because he has no consious and his martial arts are at an advanced ninja and assassin rank. His advanced reflexes give him the ability to be one of the worlds most dangerous assassins. His only advanced reflexes are advanced
Scorpion's ultimate enemy and challenge, Stark Raven
stamina, agility, stealth and hand-eye cordination. He also got better at tracking down his targets, unarmed combat and
Scorpion's 2nd most powerful leader, Stingrayzor
marksmanship through NEST.

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