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Little is known about Scorch, a troubled Southern Belle named Aubrey, who was given great powers and transformed into a demonic appearance by " Emperor Joker". After encountering Superman, and later Superman and Martian Manhunter, as an adversary, she disappeared for a time.

Scorch later appeared in JLA, where she helped Martian Manhunter to overcome his fear of fire. In exchange, J'onn helped Scorch deal with her mental problems, and the two fell in love. This didn't last, however, as the Martian vulnerability to fire was a safe guard put in place by the Guardians to end the threat of the Burning Martians, a savage race that feeds on the misery of others. Ridding J'onn of his fear caused him to transform into a Burning Martian, who tried to set off nuclear missiles in order to cause enough suffering that it could reproduce. This entity, called Fernus, still held a twisted love for Scorch. Before he was stopped, when Scorch sided with the JLA and a reconstituted Martian Manhunter by holding back the power of a nuclear weapon Fernus had set off, he spurned her and attacked her. Along with the strain of containing the nuclear blast, she fell into a coma.

Scorch recently appeared in Teen Titans, where she was being controlled by Starro. Whether or not she regained consciousness after the Starro was removed is unknown.

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