Start carving your pumpkins...

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So last weekend Lil' G-Girl and I had a sorta Scooby Doo weekend. We watched the movie one night and the first episode of "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" in the morning. Then we carved a pumpkin.

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This early?

Dude, it's gonna rot, and get eaten by squirrels. I assure you.

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That's alright. I bought two. She's sooooo pumped for Halloween. I thought, why not spread it out longer? She's even dressing as Wonder Woman. I didn't push her into getting the costume. She was with G-Lady (who wasn't exactly thrilled).

They also look cool and spooky as they start rotting.
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G-Man says:

They also look cool and spooky as they start rotting.
Post Edited:2007-10-18 22:20:37"

Like old people.

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Yeah! Old people!

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Nice job, looks really good.

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That's cute! My mom won a prize for this one I helped her with last year..

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It's good to get them early, I heard there was a pumpkin shortage in various regions...

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G-Man says:

"Yeah! Old people! "


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Okay we had one more pumpkin to carve. Lil' G-Girl couldn't decide so I did two designs on the same pumpkin.

The first is Jasmine from Aladdin:

And then Jack Skelington, the Pumpkin King (she's been listening to the soundtrack non-stop lately):

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ok, Jasmine looks seriously cool :D


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They all look good. Mind doing Spidey? lol

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Methos says:

"ok, Jasmine looks seriously cool :DM"

She was a real b!tch to do. Too many small parts.

@EC: Funny, when G-Girl was trying to make up her mind, she actually said, "But I don't have a superhero pumpkin." We decided that next year we could have one. Three carvings is enough for me in one year.


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