Does anyone here read Dc's Scooby-Doo Comics

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I'm thinking of buying their comics but can somebody tell me are they any good?

Does anyone here read it?

What age group does the book target?

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@moywar700: Yes I Scooby Dooby Doo! Well, my cousin reads them, but whne he complains about them, I give them a look.
They are not very good.
- Cover Looks Good usually
- Characters are usually in-character, no CIS for the most part 
- Every now and then a good story will show up
- Every now and then the original humor and references are there, like one comic that had beasts that looked just like The Gargantuans from War of the Gargantuans.
- Covers usually have nothing to do with the actual story
- Every issue is split up into two lame one-shots, try making a good mystery tale in about 10 pages
- For the mot part, they are pretty boring
- The stories don't have style; they don't have anything that makes it unique
- Most of the endings are extremely lame
 - The art isn't very good for the back up stories
- There isn't any time in each issues to give clues or flesh out the characters, they don't even explain the clues leading up to the culprit!
Overall.. don't read it.
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@PikminMania: kk thanks bro

Ur assistance is greatly appreciated

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@moywar700: Your welcome.
If you want to see more Scooby-Doo I suggest not watching the newest series and watching either the original or the 2003 one.

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