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Winter's almost here, so take a break from the cold and warm yourself up with tales of surf, sand and screams!

In Miami Frights, the gang vacation in Flordia at Freddie's uncle's place. They soon see a man/shark-like monster scaring the beach dwellers away. Can the gang get to the bottom of this mystery or will they end up becoming fish food? Zoinks!

In The Siren of Hampton Reef, the gang is called to the town of Hampton Reef, NH. Local residents have been robbing the town at night and end up in a daze in the morning, not knowing what they did. The town legend says it is the cause of the Siren... Jinkies!

In Marina Screama, the gang plan to see the Star of India, on of the largest sapphires in the world. The only problem is it gets stolen. Can the gang solve the crime?

In The Phantom of the Rock Club, the gang drop off Velma as she sees her friends band rock out. Too bad the show is interrupted by Phantom with a guitar. Readers are given the opportunity to solve this final mystery as the answer is revealed on the last page.

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