dark_noldor's Scion #39 review

A little flashback with a gaze to the future

The first impression that came to me once I´ve opened this book (with the panels organized horizontaly and with no dialogues, just a narrative) I thought that this was just a filler, a boring issue, but as I kept reading it, after the stories of King Dane and Skink, I realized that his was Marz´ last issue and that he was setting the ground for the new arc story, which is the invasion of Tigris and how Sanctuary Isle and both kingdoms would defend themselves from this iminent attack and I gotta admit this was a most impressive issue, not only for it´s unique and different aproach in telling the story, but because it also provided some answers to what will Ethan use to defend the isle from threats - this issue also marked the last work of Cheung on the title and he and Marz did a terrific job in creating all the designs and visuals of the series - I really enjoyed reading this issue, after I realized it´s meaning!
4 out 5


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