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OK, I had this idea born after varied brainstorming (crack and meth pistols; Pym Particles Without Borders). The brains behind the Ultimate Universe defined the alternate reality through its emphasis on science. Gone were the Kirby-era adventures featuring improbable science wizardry, present were (and are, still), drab, postmodern science heroes tied to government institutions in a post-Authority world. Magic hardly made an appearance in any shape or form. Take Dr. Strange, the renowned, respected, and sought-after Sorceror Supreme and flesh-and-blood deus ex machina of Earth-616. On Earth-1600, "Doctor" Strange was a daytime celebrity and hack with no real credentials, magic, medical, or otherwise. Even the Asgardians, arguably Marvel's answer to Kryptonians, fell against the power of Reed Richards and his City. That got me thinking, "What if the The Ultimate Universe had its own Scientist Supreme?". In a world where science trumps cosmic/magic abilities, the Scientist Supreme would rank as the ultimate authority in superheroics, a person gifted with the powers necessary to protect life against grand scale threats (e.g., Galactus, ornery Badoon, the Phalanx, the City, etc.).

Now, given the current landscape of Earth-1600, there are few candidates for the position. I've already selected mine own champion, but below is a list of candidates:

Henry Pym: (note: yes, he's dead, but this IS comics) The counterpart to the most famous, if not first Scientist Supreme (i.e. Yandroth). A certain demographic of comics fans were put off by the "tacky arbritariness" of designating Pym as Scientist Supreme. However, more controversial moments have affected The Ultimateverse for the better. The Xorns were a long-running, bitter headache in the minds of writers and fans alike. Hickman, however, recognized Xorn as representative of the evolving mutant culture as engineered under Morrison. Placing Xorn and his Zorn as the leaders of two new sects of superhumans, along with Reed's Geneticists, as added a colorful, new twist on the "mutant problem" and Ultimate Comics in general. Why can't a "Scientist Supreme" have the same effect? As for Henry Pym-1600, the benefits are nil. Unlike his Ultimate self, Henry Pym-616, IS worthy of the distinction "Scientist Supreme". Pym-616 was responsible for discovering Pym Particles, creating helmet to communicate with ants (although Amadeus Cho notes the science behind the helmet does not hold up), freeing Captain America from suspended animation, curing Firestar and Tony Stark from their respective ailments, advancing A.I. beyond any other scientist, creating an interdimensional mansion capable of accessing any location imaginable, creating a personal "Heaven" for Bill Foster, and entering other dimensions via his size-changing abilities. Pym-616 is an intelligent, curious, imaginative, and caring human being. In contrast, Pym-1600 accomplished very little in life professionally and personally, an unworthy contender for such a position.

Doctor Doom: My personal champion, Doom arguably possesses the right perspective for the job. His take on science as an imaginative "art" interestingly parallels the idea of Pym-616 as the "science mage". Doom can also claim credit for the more creative accomplishments in the Ultimateverse. How many Earth-1600 inventions can hold a candle to the mind control dragon tattoo? "Doctor Doom, Scientist Supreme" also holds particular significance considering the current "Doctor Doom" of the Ultimateverse, Reed Richards (or Kang the Conqueror, whatever). Doom would finally be renowned as the "hero" who defeated his "inferior" foe, Richards. On the other hand, this possible development should not translate into likable, personally accessible Doom.The High Evolutionary, for example, is a heroic figure prone to frustrating quirks. Doom would have to mature in response to higher calling of "Scientist Supreme", putting his own ambitions to conquer the world aside to instead act its best counselor. Now Doom is currently listed as "deceased", but the Fantastic Four + 1 of Earth-1600 are marked by their evolution. The rocky hide commonly associated with The Thing turned out to be a sort of cocoon. Reed's increased intelligence led him to committing more and more of his time in the lab conducting experiments. This rising obsession, coupled with his view of science as a "system", may have led to his icy villainy influencing his current endeavors with the City. Doom was already evolving past his human attributes before his death, transforming his organs into a poisonous gas. A manner of escaping death, either through a new ability or of his own design, reminds one of a Doom-616 trick. The ambitious, rising villain of the Ultimateverse developing into its greatest ally certainly sounds interesting.

Tony Stark: Iron Man as "Scientist Supreme" has a cheeky, anime feel, like an Osamu Tezuka character. Stark possesses the advantage of life experience, weathering highs (success as a industrialist, superhero, and philanthropist) and lows (alcoholism, a brain tumor, personal loss and disappointment). Most importantly, his intelligence rivals Richards and Doom, ranking him as one of the top three minds on Earth-1600, definitely the most human. And yet, the threads surrounding the character may suffer under the weight of "Scientist Supremehood". Such a promotion threatens to diminish Tony's willful, womanizing persona, arguably the most crucial human element of the Ultimates, leaving Thor and Captain America with no foil. Iron Man, the "Scientist Supreme" may derail better storylines for the Ultimateverse.

Bruce Banner: Bruce Banner has admitted to Stark surpassing him intellectually. But his currently merged Hulk status, with his ever-evolving body, could mean an increase an intellectual potential, meeting the original goals of his update on the Super-Soldier Serum. Playing the role of "Scientist Supreme" could do wonders for his psyche. On the other hand, Hulk as "Scientist Supreme" could turn out schmaltzy. And yet, the cannibalistic, id-driven Hulk transforming to its "Scientist Supreme" would be a rewarding storyline, no?

Also, does anyone feel willing to suggest alternatives to "Scientist Supreme"? Here's my offering: "The Anointed One"

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