What will become of the X-Men after Schism ends?

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What do you think will happen to the X-Men after Schism is over? Do you think that some of the X-Men members might get killed or will the teams be separated from each other forever? I personally think that there will be hard roads ahead for the X-Men after Schism, but they will probably eventually get back together since it wouldn't be X-Men if the whole team is not together at all.
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I think this is the right time for Scott to retire from being the leader. So i hope Storm replaces Scott as leader of the x-men.

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Uncanny X-men has Scott as the leader,spoiler images on the website somewhere, and Wolverine gets his own team. That's pretty much what is gonna happen in a nutshell. and Storm is not good enough to lead the X-men after what Cyclops has done.

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Well, we all know that the X-Men will be split into two sides led by Cyclops and Wolverine after Schism. Aside from that, we don't know what future plans are in store except for a supposed "extremely important" event later on. Now if you asked me what I hope happens after schism, well here's my answer.

I would keep the X-Men divided for a couple of years and have Astonishing X-Men focus on Prof. Xavier (who declared neutrality) and a small group of mutants who also chose to be neutral. During the years of the divide, Prof. Xavier slowly begins to convince team members from both sides to join him. After finally convincing every single member, the X-Men come together as a family again led by Prof. Xavier. :P

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Yeah, I think eventually the X-Men will have to come back together since I heard that there is going to be a huge threat coming towards the X-Men soon, so that event might bring them together.

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