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Presumably one of the many the Secret Empire kidnapped, brainwashed and transformed into superhuman Agents, Scarum was summoned to battle the Thunderbolts when that team had influtrated the Secret Empire's  Cornwallis base. Brute Force took down the Thunderbolts in a vicious assult.
The teams met again when they where forced to fight in a Gladitorial arena. Scarum was seen jumping about and attacking various members- tough it does seem he gets a wedgie from Atlas at one point.  The Battle is turned when U.S Agent and The Jury turn up to arrest the Thunderbolts.
Presumably arrested along with the rest of the bases personel where captured Scarum has not been seen again. 
Ape like body with claws. 
Super strength
Martial skills
Super agility
Invulnerability or super tough.

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