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Scarlett Spencer is having nightmares for a while now, about some demon summoning. She only talked about this with her best friend Johnny who she has known for 11 years. Scarlett has been tutored in martial art since when she was 9 years old by her father Alec. She's currently a student in journalism.

Major Story Arcs

Her story starts when her father asks her to spar with her brother Luke, to show that he is not good enough to participate in a martial arts tournament. Scarlett ends up beating down on her brother due to a demonic influence.

Some time later Scarlett and her friend Johnny beat up some bullies who were after Johnny. Not wanting to explain it to her dad, they escape from the police into an old antique shop. Johnny picks up a mystic orb and accidentally releases Sense Demons into our world. The demons think that Johnny is the chosen one and drag him into another dimension. But it is actually Scarlett who is to be The Cursed One. With the help of the shop owner named Elijah, she defeats her first demon, Demon of the Sight. Next day when she explains her new nightmare to Elijah, she learns that she now has precognitive powers about the demons that got released. They travel to a nearby church where the next demon attack took place. They find the Demon of Smell in the graveyard behind the church. During the fight demon Barzabel takes full control over Scarlett's body, and kills Elijah. He then kills the Demon of Smell with her bare hands. Barzabel evidently wants the forgiveness of God, and kills demons through a host body, and Scarlett is that host. Regaining her senses Scarlett finds dead Elijah and takes it really hard. Next day not knowing what to do, Scarlett goes to Elijah's shop to clean thing up. She meets a guy named Lamech there. Lamech was contacted by Elijah, to help her. Although her sword was stolen, she and Lamech go to fight another demon, Demon of Touch, in the Ministry of Defense building. She blows up the top floors while fighting the demon, and they both are blasted to the ground. Lamech saves her from falling to death and slays the demon. Short while later Demon of Hearing surfaces and threatens some kids on the bus. Scarlett flies to help and chases the demon from the bus, she then stops the bus with her new found strength. She chases the demon to a train, but is unable to defeat him before he escapes into another dimension. She also learns that some men in black are looking for her. Next demon the face is the Demon of Taste, who terrorizes a politic summit. Her brother shows up with the sword, that was stolen, deformed from the magic seeping from the sword. Also her father shows up, after seeing them on tv. He helps talk Luke down and Scarlett gets her sword back. While dealing with her family, the demon escaped. Scarlett follows him into the demon dimension.

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