Can't Jason afford some Plastic Surgery for her?

#1 Posted by Degalon (738 posts) - - Show Bio

I mean, she was disfigured due to really jacked up surgery, why not just perform a secondary surgery to put her back?  They've done the same with countless other DC characters, Two Face being the best example here.

#2 Posted by KenTheProfile (412 posts) - - Show Bio
I don't  think she was disfigured. The mask came off. which means pyg never finished the process. also anyother surgury killed the peroson. the mask ripped there face off.
#3 Posted by TheRedRobin96 (334 posts) - - Show Bio

Yea, Jason is freaking rich! But didnt she like her face afterwards when she turned evil?

#4 Posted by COBRAMORPH (1609 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Jason would have wanted to keep her unbalanced & unstable so that she'd stay with him.

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