The Scarlet Witch's Truest Valentine

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     In lieu of Children's Crusade number 7 (AHEM, editors of Marvel, September? Really?) I've decided to devote a post to my absolute darling Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff. It should go without say that she's among the richest characters Marvel has to offer, she's never been subject to revisions or retcons the way other characters have been and "fleshing out" her story has never been necessary. Wanda is a well of lush opportunity for any story arc, a very viable source of the drama and intrigue the miltiaristic Avengers have been lacking as of late. She's the Elizabeth Taylor of the Marvel Universe, she's gorgeous, spell-binding, vulnerable, an immensely powerful presence, all wrapped up in a neatly tied bow of melodrama. Naturally, where there is melodrama there is often romance and there's never been as sort of shortage of that in Wanda's history. The Vision, Wonderman, Hawkeye- Wanda's reeled them in with a seamlessly seductive yet subtle influence. But this will not be a contest between Vision and Wonderman or anything of the sort...oh no, I have a far better option for Wanda to which many would raise an eyebrow to. And it's NOT Pietro for god's sake....


Yes. Cap. And this is coming from a Scarlet Witch connoisseur. I think most would relate her romance with Cap to the House of M catastrophe wherein many fans have many mixed feelings about her characterization and dissent, it's a major point of contention. Some would even quite possibly consider Wanda's infatuation with Cap to be a manipulation of her's at the height of her mental breakdown but I would look no further than her earliest days to contrast that assertion as Wanda has always had a certain affection for Cap...
Before Vision or Wonderman or even really Hawkeye had come into the picture Wanda was simmering quite powerful feelings for Cap. Granted, this could all be attributed to a simple Silver Age crush, she isn't the first comicbook heroine to shed a tear in awe of a heroes valiant nature or musculature but I think her repressed longing for Cap actually makes sense with the psychology of the character. Wanda's life, particularly in her inception to the Brotherhood, was dominated by men who mostly sought to either over-protect her or exploit her completely....
Pictured above, Mastermind makes his first and second attempt to appeal to Wanda by way of some very aggressive means. Both Magneto and Pietro intervene always just before Wanda is about to defend herself, something that was commonplace for Wanda at the time. No matter what, in the end of the day Pietro was always on guard when it came to Wanda to a point of sheltering so extreme it fed the notion that they shared an incestuous co-dependency in the Ultimate franchise which I find to be absolutely ridiculous. Pietro's attachment to Wanda isn't necessarily heavily emotional but rather a matter of obligation and survival. Remember, the debt they owed to Magneto was as a result of Wanda's powers malfunctioning and causing fire which led to an angry mob attacking them both. He's the only one who'd ever seen Wanda's powers in full-effect and as such was the only one who knew what a threat she was to opponents for quite some time. Nonetheless, he was very vocal about his disapproval over her relationship with the Vision and made many efforts to negate Hawkeye's sleazy attempts at catching her eye as he knew the emotional impact of her situation tended to inform her powerset. 
Regardless, the influence of Magneto and Pietro weighted heavily on Wanda's relationship with men. I mean, your father coercing you into guerrilla warfare using guilt then throwing you at a world leader to exploit your sex appeal to further his persuasions is bound to take a tole on your overall understanding of human relationships. And I imagined this only deteriorated as time went on given that Magneto would use other means to manipulate Wanda that were even more ethically devoid- redirecting a bullet so that it grazed Wanda's head just enough to temporarily hinder her powers for example...not very noble. 
So it only makes sense that the object of Wanda's affection would be A) a man that could be vulnerable around her but also B) a man that was emotionally unavailable to her. Enter Vision, a synthezoid with a limited understanding of the wide spectrum of human emotions. For once there was a romantic relationship Wanda could have that would be at least partially on her terms. I think Wanda's nurturing instinct compelled her to look after Vision because she felt she could finally be granted the space and time to protect another person for once. Though of course that had certain repercussions from the very start. 
And this would be the pattern of Wanda and the Vision's relationship. Perpetual adandoment. I know that's somewhat harsh to say and given that there were points in which the Vision was inhibited unwillingly I don't penalize him too heavily for any of it. But is it conducive to the sort of relationship Wanda always wanted? Not very much. Whereas before she was being tossed around and protected left and right, she had soon become the anchor in her relationship with Vision. As someone whose very power hinged on chaos, this didn't provide enough emotional stability for Wanda as she was always getting the Vision back on to have him ripped away from her completely. In a different time, perhaps through different means they may have worked but clearly Wanda impregnating herself to provide a human life for Vision was an early sign that this relationship was on a rickety foundation. 
Which leads us to bachelor number 2..... 
Simon wasn't a bad guy per se, he wasn't even the disagreeable sort. But the single blaring indication that he wasn't the right man for Wanda was that he was the basis for the Vision's design. Worse? The longing Wanda had towards the Vision for emotional fulfillment transferred from him to Simon. Wanda at first rejected Simon's advances but in a pivotal encounter with the Vision, a reunion years in the making, Wanda opted to "move on" with her life when the Vision's memories and affections for her came back. The next step? Wonderman. Why? Because the Vision had tried to destroy the world, been destroyed himself and recovered, and showed a consistent struggle with his own sense of empathy and compassion. The back and fourth of his corruptions and hindrances weren't in his control but they cost Wanda a multitude of times. 
And once again, here's where Wanda's unstable powerset came in to remedy her emotional struggles. Not in the most healthy way though as she had revived Wonderman, re-materializing him from the energy he was composed of under the tutelage of Agatha Harkness. Like her later reality manipulations, I suspected Wanda's attraction vulnerable men in combination with her devastating hunger for emotional security after having lost both her parents (twice over in an emotional sense if you count Magneto and Magda) created an all too unhealthy platform for her relationship with Simon. The two carried on for a time but Simon, much like Vision, abandoned Wanda in order to start a foundation in Los Angeles. Wanda initially was distressed at the fact Simon had, even after being resurrected by her, found something to strive for that was more fulfilling to him. She got over it fast but was that because she wasn't hurt or rather...that she instead was used to the disappointment. Ah, a female superheroine who doesn't have a thousand men vying for her at once and loses at love, a rare breed. 
So then why do I believe Cap is the guy for Wanda? Well, if you look at the aforementioned there are a lot of things that would a step-up from two men of similar origins. But it isn't even about the competition between the three men. Cap, almost without knowing it, surpassed the Vision and Simon for numerous reasons. The first being that he was the first man in Wanda's life that influenced her to live up to her potential. Think about it, Wanda's transformation from unwilling mutant guerilla waif, joined at the hip with her brother began after she became an Avenger. It was then that Wanda was permitted to not only find her own strength as a sorceress but as a woman as well, going against the wishes of her brother more often and much more ease, opting to make decisions for herself like her relationship with the Vision. When Cap briefly split from the Avengers, she had actually stood up to both Hawkeye and Pietro's snide attitudes and advocated for Cap's leadership skills.   

Even in the earliest of her appearances in the Avengers, Wanda displayed a certain tenacity under Cap's influence that hadn't been seen before.....
This influence was something that Wanda would later touch upon with Steve shortly before their affair where Wanda expresses that she had always "admired" him....
When Wanda and Cap began their affair, Wanda became reflective of her troubled past in a way that seemed to have left a peacefulness in her, the calm before the storm if you will. There's a certain self assurance Wanda had with Cap that we didn't see previously, rather than her powers or her emotions setting the conditions for the romance she asserts herself calmly and intuitively, ushering her former mentor in from the cold with a form of nurturing that doesn't require she rehabilitate him but rather that he become a better version of himself. There's a very full-circle aspect to their romance in this way, Wanda is returning the favor to Cap.  It's not only a refreshing role reversal but also a nice display of Wanda's newfound wisdom, she's developed from having been a vulnerable child to a fully capable adult with perception, with confidence....

Just look at the power of Wanda's words. She's no longer the victim or the star-crossed lover, longing for acceptance and stability the way she was with the Vision, she opens herself up to the prospect of romance with a peace of mind she's never had before. Instead of being the one consoled or tended to, she's consoling and what distinguishes this from her relationship with the Vision is that she knows her effect on Cap is well-placed because their working relationship initially required that she lay her life in his hands and he certainly never failed to protect her. 
Yet, I'm plenty aware that this was all before/during a breakdown of Wanda's which leads me to an interesting theory of mine. I actually believe that amongst all of the other hexes Wanda's shattered mind cast as her reality-altering powers spun out of control, the one thing meant to be the failsafe in all this was Steve, the only person who could potentially appeal to her sanity amidst all the psychosis. The lingering insinuation of her  attraction to him is, in real time, over 40 years old, it stretches all the way back to the very first Scarlet Witch-involved stories so the sexual component was always there. But I think what's more important is that on some level Wanda knew that if anything were to happen to her the person she could rely on the most for support would be Cap above all else. Unlike Pietro or Magneto or the Vision, who've all faced different forms of corruption, Steve is among the most moral and unswayed in the Marvel Universe. Not only that but like Wanda he is very in touch with his emotions, his convictions to a point where it informs his heroism even more than his expert tactics. He was always a soft, compassionate sort whose strength was not necessarily brazenly expressed but always there- again, much like Wanda herself. The most literal catalyst, however, for Wanda's revived interest in him seems to have come from this little snippet....
Couldn't be more overt. Cap consoling a child sealed the deal for Wanda, it was a tangible option for what could be the fate she'd always wanted for herself. But I feel as though it was too little, too late and the toll of losing her sons had already torn her up inside on irreparable levels. But Cap, being the kind of guy he is, still stood up for Wanda when the odds were stacked against her and not only that but he stood up for her on his own, on the brink of expressing deep feelings for her....
 Cap confronts Wanda and her hallucinations alone, head on
 Cap standing up to Logan over the decision of whether or not to kill Wanda

 To me, this speaks volumes to Cap's character and not only that but I think it substantiates the real love and affection they had for one another. It wasn't a fling, it was the entirety of Wanda's career as a Avenger that brought her to Cap. He taught her to use her strength in a way where she would no longer have to ask permission or be the first to fall, he never exploited, dismissed, or abused nor did he ever take his devotion and responsibility to her lightly. 
Though Wanda's fate is currently to be decided and Steve is involved with Sharon Carter, I have hope that one day this relationship will be touched upon once again. How could it not? Even recently Wolverine, in his usual irrational fury, suggested Cap still possibly loved Wanda and we even saw Cap take quite nicely to Wiccan during the Children's Crusade. But for the time being, I think this little pocket in time wherein Wanda consummated things with Steve was one of the most vibrant examples of how wonderful of a character she truly is. A piece of her history, something over 40 years old shoots enough sparks for me to write all this so surely there's no end to the depths and complexities of Miss Wanda Maximoff!
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Nice article.
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very nice

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verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice 

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I'd love to see Wanda and Cap get together. I've always thought this. 
Great post!

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she couldnt get back with Vision anyway. the version that was in love with her is dead and Wondie has been turned into a psycho by Bendis

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I approve! I have definitely been a fan of this couple and believe that Wanda is a rich and complex character. This blog was very well written and had great visuals to support it. Great job.

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@HexThis: You're totally going to hate me, but I would love it if her relationship with Doctor Doom stayed genuine. It'd create some serious controversy! 
#8 Posted by HexThis (952 posts) - - Show Bio

@Doveland said:

@HexThis: You're totally going to hate me, but I would love it if her relationship with Doctor Doom stayed genuine. It'd create some serious controversy!

What I wondering is in the recent Children's Crusade it was revealed Wanda turned to Doom to resurrect her dead when exactly did a marriage proposal come into play? Moreover, would that mean Doom was up to some suspect pre-martial, vaguely consensual but-sorta-not antics with Wanda while she was an amnesiac? Magneto is going to really seriously EFF him up if that ever comes to light. @Topher5151992 said:

I approve! I have definitely been a fan of this couple and believe that Wanda is a rich and complex character. This blog was very well written and had great visuals to support it. Great job.


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So... What are you trying to say?

LOL!!!!! I'm just playing. That was so well written. I'm sold. Let's get those crazy super kids together. Sure, we have to un-crazy Wanda a bit, and since Children's Crusade only comes out once every two months, it could be a while... Sigh...

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@HexThis said:

@Doveland said:

@HexThis: You're totally going to hate me, but I would love it if her relationship with Doctor Doom stayed genuine. It'd create some serious controversy!

What I wondering is in the recent Children's Crusade it was revealed Wanda turned to Doom to resurrect her dead when exactly did a marriage proposal come into play? Moreover, would that mean Doom was up to some suspect pre-martial, vaguely consensual but-sorta-not antics with Wanda while she was an amnesiac? Magneto is going to really seriously EFF him up if that ever comes to light. @Topher5151992 said:

I approve! I have definitely been a fan of this couple and believe that Wanda is a rich and complex character. This blog was very well written and had great visuals to support it. Great job.


Well, we know Doom isn't a total jerk. He's just a jerk to those he hates. Besides, it wouldn't surprise me if he smooth talked Wanda when she was an amnesiac. Haha! 
This was a really great blog, by the way.
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Excellent read!, great article.. I have to disagree tho, i mean sure Scarlet witch and Cap go well together, but for me it's just a really strong admiration and friendship. Friendship between a guy and a girl naturally has chemistry, the compulsive urge to protect that friend. and a bit of flirting, and IMO that's all that is.. and without including the events of Childrens crusade #7 I'd much prefer to see her back with Vision.. or even Hawkeye....preferably Hawkeye, as he's another one of my favorites :D

But now including the events of Children's Crusade.. as much as i love the good guys in comics, i love the bad guys just as much, and it only makes sense that the Scarlet witch is with Doom they're basically yin and yang to each other, and without hearing any internal monologue from the scarlet witch or seeing an in depth history how her's and Doom's relationship came about, i'd say they're in love and that this relationship's kind of my favorite so far :D..can't wait to see where it goes.

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Nice job.

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I'm hoping for Wanda and Hawkeye, they would probably be great together. I think that the two of them probably are very close friends and that's why Hawkeye hasn't tried to tell Wanda about his feelings again since he told her "I've always dug you girl and I think it's time we let it all hang out" (which is the worst pick up line I've ever heard)

Hawkeye was the only one that Wanda brought back in the House of M and even after that. And he was the only one found her in Wundagore (except from Beast). I'm hoping for the two of them being together after The Children's Crusade. Doom falling in love with Wanda was only proof that he really has some mommy issues.

Cap should stay with Sharon Carter, there's something really cute about the two of them and they've been on and off for the better part of ten years. But it's a very nice job done with the article.

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I love Wanda. She's my favorite Avenger. She even predates Selina for me because I was only reading Marvel in the early '80's. I haven't followed her exploits recently until Children's Crusade. I must say I love the idea of her and Doom and how Heinberg's turned that relationship around from one where she seeks protection/is subservient to Doom to where she (and he) realizes, he can't afford to cross her.

I'm enjoying the hell out of that book right now. It's great that Catwoman looks like it's picking up as well.

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Now that Uncanny Avengers is Starting I am hoping Since both Scarlet Witch and Captain America are on the Same team they will get back together,

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