So, Scarlet Witch is back and repowering former mutants?

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Well, if anyone has read Children's Crusade #6, it seems Wanda is back full monty.. and already re-powered 

 Who else do you think she will repower?? I really hope Jubilee gets repowered instead of only remaining a vampire. 
Also, Dani Moonstar definitely needs her powers back, tho she is quite proficient the way she is now, but she still could use her powers again.         
#2 Posted by JediXMan (32564 posts) - - Show Bio

So basically, Wanda is stealing Hope's thunder?

#3 Posted by Hoarderofhilarity (322 posts) - - Show Bio

Her repowering mutants is a bit like Hitler giving sweets to communists,gays, the disabled, people of the jewish faith, ethnic minorities of any sort and the allies

#4 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23390 posts) - - Show Bio

Really? MAKE  DECISION AND STICK WITH IT, MARVEL! Who do you think you are, Geoff Johns?

#5 Posted by CellphoneGirl (19002 posts) - - Show Bio

Hope is kinda pointless now i'm guessing :P

#6 Posted by Girth (1053 posts) - - Show Bio
@JediXMan said:
So basically, Wanda is stealing Hope's thunder?
Yeah, and Nightcrawler died for nothing.
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Well she might be not able to reverse her "No More Mutants" spells.

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Hope seems pretty useless for the time being. Only time we saw her using a multiple power sets was during Second Coming, and now shes like.. "I don't know how my powers work" and blah blah.. So all she can do now is "stabilize" new mutants with newfound powers.. 
And in some new panels i saw recently, she's back to using her guns/rifles.. 

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Well this can go one of two ways IMO. Marvel can completely forget about Hope and have SW re power all the mutants. Or they can have them team up for a mega reversal. With any luck the former will be the one Marvel chooses.
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Is it even Marvel's plan or intention to slowly bring the mutant population back into the higher numbers??

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Spoiler in the title...I love it. /sarcasm

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@The Dark Huntress said:

Spoiler in the title...I love it. /sarcasm

I have to agree with this. So easy just to put Childrens Crusade #6 SPOILERS in the title thread, lots of people want to read these issues but can't get the book as soon as it comes out, and can't for a few days/weeks but still like to post at this site. For future consideration please. Anyway, interesting thread/topic and I want to discuss (but I'll make those comments in the next post)
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Tu tu dah daaah dah. 

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So sorry, but this discussion is already happening over here.

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