Scarlet Witch From ( Wolverine and The x-men) ??

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What do you guys think about her in this TV cartoon series  and Also what do you guys think about the way her powers are showed in
the new series.
from what marvel / nick-toon's has her powers as Hex bolts : hex bolts,"( which give her the ability to affect probability fields to cause unlikely events to occur, and can make objects spontaneously burst into flames, rust or decay.)  you can check her out - 
so what do you guys think i do think they show her powers way more better and more true then x-men evolution in that series  her powers seem more chaos then probability lol but any way thank you guys for giving me your two cents on this topic lol .

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@Scarletwitchthehexqueen: Her powers are rather befuddling for me.  I like her debut in the series though. I especially love it when she kicked Magneto out of Genosha.  She was right to do that.
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agreed, that was pretty cool.
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@courtney12490: Magneto deserved it. Shows how much of a hypocrite he is. Or maybe his horrible past changed him forever for the bad? He tries to mean well though, but sucks at it. LOL.
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her characterization and look were cool enough for me. agreed with Edamame as well
about that moment being awesome. nice how strong willed they made her.

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I also again liked how they showed her love for Nightcrawler, hinting Nocturne? 
And how she loved her brother, Quicksilver. Very nice.  : ) 
I still don't understand how she destroyed Gambit's charged up cards in Episode 22 though. 

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Oh yea me two i mean she tp gambits cards i can't warp my head around that one but maybe it's with
in her probability power to do that maybe with probability it don't need to make sense but i would
for sure say she is one of the most powerful out of wolverine and the x-men besides jean grey ,
storm and others i mean come on scarlet witch power is a wild card power and thank you guys 
for your thoughts on my topic.

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@Scarletwitchthehexqueen: I wonder if they will show Scarlet Witch battling Nemesis in Wolverine and the X-Men Season 2. 
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 Nemesis  she seem kinda deadly i mean every person she kills i think she take there life energy
to live longer or something crazy but i stick by scarlet in this one i mean come on probability is a
wild card power i will say that but it would be a sweet battle but then next thing you know a few
bolts goes nemesis way the first 2 miss but the second hit the ground and she falls into a crack
then the rocks gets restore then end battle no i'm just playing lol.

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@Scarletwitchthehexqueen: Yeah. Nemesis fought Scarlet Witch in AOA.
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well then maybe i need to read that up i only know about Scarlet witch past power history and current sw ,  and the house of m thing , and the cartoons she was in but i still say that wolverine and the x-men scarlet witch could take her (nemesis) .

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@Scarletwitchthehexqueen: Nemesis is a him actually.   Nemesis then became Holocaust, below.

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what oh my god  i thought you was talking about  Nemesis (Jane St. Ives)  source : but if not then lol sorry don't know who that one you was talking about but any ways
based on that photo you posted i still side with the witch i mean she could look at him and then
based on the location she is in and the state of mind she is in i still say she could take him but
i like wolverine and the x-men portraying her powers of probability because anything is possible

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@Scarletwitchthehexqueen: LOL. Well, in AOA, it was Nemesis who killed Scarlet Witch. 
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I loved this one, her costume design was lavishing and her older sister personality with Polaris was great. Not to mention her power display on this show was what I was looking for out of all her Animated Show appearance, the smokey like energy.

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