Raven vs Scarlet Witch

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Pre HoM in first battle. Post HoM in second battle. No outside help, no holding back.  50 feet apart. Both of respected worlds mixed into one. 
I think both rounds go to SW 8/10 

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Scarlet Witch even thou i love raven too. i just feel scarlet witch has more power even thou if raven succumbed to her darkside joined her dad & even had his army S.W would still win

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I've seen in many posts that Raven is a strong magic user, who has had more training on her magic. Wanda started in her early to mid twenties. Raven started as a child. And I don't care what people say, knowledge gives a big leg up.  That is why I think Raven has a good chance. 

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@boob: Is this pure a sorcery battle or is stuff like empathy, probability manipulation and so on allowed?

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@Outside_85: This is I have not gotten my happy pills refiled today, so I'm going to do what I want because I have an excuse. :)

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Raven can use magic but its not her strength suit.

If its purely magic then I say Scarlet Witch

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