FINALLY! Someone calls this witch out on her sh--

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Of course the next ten pages will have Hope apologizing for that comment, but still in this nether space between being published, AvX 12 has given me something I've wanted to see in a long time.

The blame being squarely put where it belongs at Wanda's feet. The woman commits the largest act of genocide in marvel history and everyone is walking around like its okay.

Reading this one page is like previewing a porn all the way until just before she takes off her top. You know something great is coming but there's a fear in your gut, this has to be a prank one of those internet shock videos. It's going to turn out to be a hairy chimpanzee chest with snot knotted hair. But for this one moment, this one shining moment, blame is rightfully place. AvX creates some sort of consistency, a logic is established, part of me is curious what the switch is going to be being it feels too good to be true.

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