Can the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver be in a movie?

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It was pointed out that in the X-men, Avengers, Spider Man, FF will never cross due to the fact that they were made from different studios. So this leaves a big question can SW and Quick be on the movie screen? Here is the problem if they are Avengers: 1) they can not be mutants due to the fact that they don't exist in the Avengers movies 2) they will not be the children of Magneto then since he is in the X-men movies 
The problem with being X-men 1) I don't think the studio that is in charge of the Avengers movies will want to give those two up so easily  2) when would Magneto have had them. In X-men First class he was all must kill the man who killed my mother. Then right after he became the Magneto we know, so when would he and Magda have hooked up?
The only way I can see them being in any of the movies is if one of the studios buys the rights to the other franchise. 

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I think Pietro and Wanda as characters are actually property of Fox which is the studio that made the X-men movies. When Mystique was breaking into Stryker's files, a list of mutants appeared and there was an entry called "Maximoff (2)" in reference to Pietro and Wanda. Also, Pietro was seen in Wolverine: Origins for a split-second as one of the captive mutants in the Weapon X program. 
Magda and Magneto got together post-WWII in the 40's and Pietro and Wanda were saved in suspended animation by the High Evolutionary for decades afterward so they still could actually be in the X-men movies. 
And so long as they are absolutely nothing resembling their Ultimate counterparts I would more than welcome the chance! 
But these rights deals are so convoluted, who knows? Maybe Fox Studios doesn't want them to be prominent characters because they'd inadvertently promote the Avengers for Marvel Studios?

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@HexThis: Well said haha :)
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Wait there are no mutants in the Avengers movies? Like they don't exist? 
I really dislike this property rights bs the movies have done. I really want SW and Quicksilver in the 2nd Avengers movie, in a similar role that they had in the Ultimates 2. Sort of background characters who really shine when the other heroes get taken down. I have longed to see the last scene where Wanda and Pietro are the last of the Ultimates standing and trying to fend off the invasion. It would be epic in a live action movie and if something like that isn't in an Avengers sequel, I will be very disappointed. 

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What I find funny about the property rights issue is that these days nothing can get produced (movies, tv, or video games) without a collaboration between multiple sources. Movies especially have dozens of companies and unions working on the project. Having to sit through all the Marvel Studios movie credits to get the teaser clips is pretty eye opening not just for the amount of people but the amount of organizations involved. Same with a video game and how companies contract out specific parts of the game to outside sources for collaborative work.  
Plus, the idea that a studio company owns these characters is bs.......Marvel is the owner of these characters even if a study has movie rights to them the buck should still stop with Marvel and how it wants to handle movie adaptations. So I'm a bit surprised that Marvel (and DC for that matter) haven't made a greater push to bring multiple studios together to keep its movie universes together especially after the work that's gone into the Avengers. I'm not saying outside characters have to make cameos (would actually prefer they don't) but easter eggs and name drops should be able to exist in each film from a comic book character. For example, Spider-Man is expected to come out before Avengers (if I remember right) and so in the Avengers movie there should be a small nod to the fact Spider-Man exists.......just a comment, a file on a computer screen, a newspaper article of the web-slinger.....something that allows Spidey to live in the Avengers world yet not be in the film. Same thing could be done for mutants. 
Of course I don't know if a name drop is a rights violation given a movie can't market a seperate toyline from a name drop or anything like that and in the end a few bucks towards the studio that has the rights should smooth everything over. 
But back to the original question, I do think SW and QS can be in an X-men movie though I really don't care about them being in the Avengers. However, if they were in an X-men film they need to be drastically de-powered to make them fit nicer into the context of a movie. QS would need to be slower, running only a few hundred miles an hour rather than Mach 10 or whatever ridiculous speeds he can make. SW should focus on her hexing ability by emitting red bolts that hit her target and produce a desired negative effect (for example she hits a security lock with a bolt and shorts the system out, hits a cops gun with a bolt and causes it to melt, hits a person and strikes them with a concussive blast, etc...) so that her powers have to be focused to the blasts and not be the vast reality warping abilities she has in the comics now.
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I think Elizabeth Olsen would be perfect as Scarlet Witch.And Aaron Taylor Johnson should play Quicksilver

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How ironic. Seems you got your wish.

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well congrats! scarlet witch and quick silver will be appearing in the nest avengers and their concept art has already been released

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The question has been answered. : )

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