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Master Pandemonium has one more trick up his sleeve! Scarlet Witch faces off against a fellow Nexus Being by the name of Lore. But why does Lore look identical to Scarlet Witch? Reality is threatened with a re-write as Wanda’s darkest nature is channeled through this new enemy!

The Scarlet Witch battles Lore, a powerful Nexus Being that looks remarkably like Wanda, and who must take over Wanda’s physical form so that she can begin laying waste to this world, like she has done to so many worlds prior. Lore reveals her origin and proceeds to gain the upper hand against Wanda - until Wanda uses her hex power to give Lore a physical form, meaning she can fight her with more ease. Lore uses her powers to raise the dead and sends an army of zombie warriors against Wanda, but Wanda proves resourceful and uses her powers to send the zombies back to a peaceful grave. The two continue to fight, with Agatha Harkness thrown in for good measure, and during the mêlée their powers free Master Pandemonium, who takes hold of Wanda. Lore realizes this is a good chance to finish both Wanda and Pandemonium off and blasts them, but Pandemonium tosses Wanda aside, releasing her in time to save her, though he himself is destroyed. The Avengers West Coast are returned to their true forms as Lore reabsorbs all her power to take on the Scarlet Witch. She next draws forth all of the dead Nexi beings that she has slain in the past with the intention of using them against Wanda - but her plan backfires, and the spirits of the Nexi attack Lore, enabling Wanda to finish her off by destroying her with a hex-powered sword. Later, back at Avengers West Coast Compound, everyone is safe, and Wada is recuperating. She thanks her friends and claims that she now feels better than she has ever felt before.

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