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  Trapped, the Scarlet Witch uses all her recent combat training against her transformed teammates, as much as she doesn’t like fighting her friends, Master Pandemonium urges them on. Agatha Harkness arrives at Palos Verdes, only to find Wanda missing. She finds War Machine’s helmet and uses her powers to learn from it where the Scarlet Witch is, and teleports herself there. Wanda continues to battle the Avengers West Coast, until she eventually runs into Wonder Man, who informs her that he has a Quinjet nearby. They make their way towards it, only for Wanda to discover that this is not Wonder Man, but Master Pandemonium in disguise, and soon, she is overwhelmed and rendered unconscious. Shortly though, she wakes, chained to totem which renders her powerless, and she listens to Master Pandemonium’s story of how after his defeat at her hands last time, he was sent to Mephisto’s realm, where he endured endless torture, until he finally managed to escape, after surviving only on his love for Wanda. Wanda decides that Pandemonium is deranged, when Agatha Harkness appears, she engages Pandemonium in battle, before freeing Wanda, and helping her keep the transformed Avengers West Coast at bay. They then turn their attention back to Master Pandemonium and imprison him on the totem where Wanda was kept captive. Pandemonium begins ranting that this is all wrong, that it’s not how the lady said it would be. Wanda is confused, until the “lady” makes her appearance - it’s Lore, who boasts that she is here to destroy the Scarlet Witch! 

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