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Scarlet Witch takes the stage in her own titular mini-series. After being plagued by horrifying nightmares, Wanda Maximoff seeks the mystical aid of mentor Agatha Harkness. Can Harkness unlock the inner sanctum of Wanda’s mind? And what hardships will Scarlet Witch endure when she discovers she is a ‘Nexus Being’?

The Scarlet Witch has been having nightmares, and the latest one ends with a world being destroyed by someone that looks like her. She wakes and contacts her mentor, Agatha Harkness, who believes it may have something to do with Wanda being a Nexus Being, and after reminding her of all the hardship Wanda has faced recently, she promises to look into it for her. The next morning, the Scarlet Witch goes for a run with Wonder Man, before a training session with USAgent, which is interrupted by invading demons. The Avengers West Coast, including Spider-Woman, War Machine and reserve member Living Lightning, battle valiantly, until the demons vanish, screaming ‘The Witch is mine’. Afterwards, Wanda converses with Agatha some more, and learns that there is a private library in Unity, New England, which has some obscure volumes which may be of interest to them. Wanda informs her friends that she is taking a leave of absence, worrying her friends. Soon though, she arrives in Unity and is met by Agatha Harkness, who informs Wanda the history of Unity and its church. Making their way through the creepy old church in the deserted town, they find the library, when suddenly the Scarlet Witch is attacked by her deadliest foe of all - Master Pandemonium!

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