haydenclaireheroes's Scarlet Spider #9 - The Second Master, Part Three review

Will Scarlet Spider join the Rangers?

Here is my video review for Scarlet Spider issue 9. Tell me what you guys think about video review in the comments below:


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    Mammoth 0

    The Good: Pham laid down some serious art panels DOWN!! Wowza. Yost finishes this arch up with flying colors! The comedy once again is 5/5 with Yost. Even in the most trying times he throws few liners in their! We also learn Mr.Walsh does have human heart.. Yost definitely made the payoff issue worth while , i was little worried how this was going play out but it finished perfectly. As its just another crazy adventure in Houston for our new hero Kaine. Yost also made a lot good references about ...

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    No Responsibility 0

    I'm glad that I didn't drop this series A few weeks ago, because this issue was pretty cool. It dealt with the Rangers, who really are not a selling point on anything, and a big psionic monster. I think that Yost has a good handle on the series and a good take on a more badass spider-character. I love when Kaine says that he doesn't know what he's doing indicating that he really doesn't know how to be a hero and usually just wings it. The art by Pham is well done through and through. Only proble...

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