psynetrix's Scarlet Spider #8 - The Second Master, Part Two review


Loved it, loved it, loved it! Bringing the Scarlet Spider in contact with other local heroes is a brilliant idea, and Yost has done a great job at developing early dynamics between Kaine and some of the Rangers. I hope we see more of them after this arc is over. I am also very pleased with Khoi Pham's work.

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    Man on the run 0

    The Good : The art is still very good and the rangers are still after Kaine! The pace of the story was quick and actioned pack! Fire , thunder , guns , just about everything is thrown at Kaine!. Yost is making Kaine very unique in the spider -man world. The bad : nothing bad here, we fast paced issue! The verdict: great issue , as Yost makes Kaine stand out from the rest of spider man world....

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    Yee-Haw! 0

    I enjoy this series. It's a fun read, Kaine is an interesting character, it only ships once a month with a $2.99 price tag.... So this issue we meet a superhero team that have their sites set for Kaine (don't call him a hero or The Scarlet Spider). The team is a bunch of goofballs called, The Texas Rangers. I don't know if this team ever existed before or not, but their gimmick is hilarious. Led by the Texas Tornado, a stereotypical cowboy with a lower half tornado body, hired by Roxxon to ta...

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