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Amazing story... Lack luster art.

Love what Yost has done with this book, every page turn has me surprised and wanting more. The comic hero mold is broken with every frame but never in the same way twice.

Khoi Pham on the other hand presents the same lazy/flat pencils that we have seen before in X-men Legacy and X-factor. However he does keep the essence of what Stegman established in the first 6 (and truthfully I feel sorry for anyone that had to follow up after Stegman on this project as his work jumped off the page and pulled you in).

New art aside, this title is the most fun in my pull list and I cannot give it enough praise.


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    Roxxon 0

    The Good : Pham art is right on beat with Ryan's art. So , there was no drop off . Things start off with a bang in more ways than one. When Kaine wants answers he won't call , or knock as the Donald's find out. I want to make a good note this scene with the two male cops is how you do " gay couple scene" Felt very normal and not forced. So cheers to Mr. Yost. Kaine well... Is still stuck in the 20th century techonlogy speaking... Which in some sense is ridiculous and some sense quite funny. ...

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