psynetrix's Scarlet Spider #6 - A Mighty Hunter Before the Lord review

Bye Bye Ryan!

All I can say is I will miss Ryan Stegman's work in this book terribly; he nailed it.

Please check my mini-review here:

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

We read a lot of the same comics

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    Caught in the Crosshairs 0

    Intro: Kaine is still trying to find normalcy. Spoilers on VerdictThe Good: Ryan Stegman's art is great, everything looks fluid, moving and tense. I love it. I love the reference to Ben Reilly.The Bad: I'm not a big fan of Madame Web, and her inclusion was just awkward for me.Verdict:SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.Kaine is now being hunted by two people but one of them is the greatest hunters of all, Kraven. I can't wait for Kraven vs Kaine....

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    The hunted 0

    Spoilers The good : ryan art is still amazing ! This issue really shows you girls like to play with knives! A definite set up issue but overall it was good. Kraven hunter daughter is possed it seems and will stop at nothing kill Kaine! We more love triangle connections. Kraven vs scarlet spider will be fun; The bad : I felt the pace of is issue seemed off at times but only by little bit and when are we going to see the guild arch continue ? I suppose this part of it . Verdict : A nice set up...

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