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Web-slinger extraordinaire, Kaine is still learning about his new city of Houston, TX... besides the fact that it is hot, humid and wrought with crime - it is spread out over vast areas, not all of which have towering anchors for his transportation needs. The depiction of this and the simple fact that it was brought up at all, made me feel that the creative team really did their homework. It was a really easy and effective way to add humor to a story full of drama and action.

This book pushes a lot of boundaries, from potential rape to gay marriage, is there anything it won't touch? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as this first major arc is all about human trafficking... still, I am pleased to see it is not pulling any punches. As long as each topic fits with the story and doesn't start to feel pushed or "preachy", I think things will be just fine. The gay marriage topic did seem a bit forced, but there wasn't really a better way to introduce it into the story-line.

While this issue was mostly filler, it did introduce a couple new characters as well as provide more background on some that we were introduced to in the previous two issues. Best of all, this issue laid all the necessary groundwork for the Kaine's next big opponent(s). It looks like he has his work cut out for him - maybe he will figure out sooner or later how important it is to keep his identity under-wraps...

The art in this book is fantastic. This style of art is one of my favorites. Though it is very "cartoony", the details, facial expressions and coloring make it extremely appealing. The panel layout and structure are great and really make the story flow from page to page. This is definitely one beautiful book!


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