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Sticking Around

Marvel has been kicking a lot of ass with their new ongoing's this year, with Daredevil, Punisher, Winter Soldier and the schism off shoots being surprisingly well received. Scarlet Spider is definitely a part of this trend, and continues to tell an very well written superhero tale.

As the tagline reads "All of the power, none of the responsibility", Kane is basically Spider-man without all the continuity or the angering One more day changes. This issue continues to wonderfully set up his cast, making the Barmaid from issue 1 a recurring character and expanding on the personalities of the doctor and the policeman, including the surprising revelation that the two are gay, which is an interesting development seeing as Texas has a bit of a reputation as a less than LGBT friendly place (which might also open up some possibilities story wise, but I digress). What makes these gay characters better placed that say Bunker in Teen Titans is that they feel more like real people who happen to be gay, rather than a gay best friend cut-out who happens to be a superhero. It's an fascinating choice, to say the least.

The issue also gives us a bit of the day to day super-heroing Kaine is now doing, which includes some humorous moments, a bit more of the conflict between "be my own person/ be Peter Parker", moves the story along with the Mexican woman he saved early on, pretty standard stuff. Then the story kicks itself off near the end, giving us some action and plunging Kaine into a conflict with some old enemies in the guild. It's a very well written and well paced story, to say the least. I like how Yost is blending bits from Kaine's past with his new status quo, giving a story that doesn't ignore continuity but still provides a fresh story.

Art is still fantastic. Action's great, expressions are great. I think I saw maybe one or two panels with a bit of weirdness to it, but other than that it was well drawn and overall consistent.

I'm liking this story. It's taking it's time to build up instead of just plunging him into huge events and conflicts that you might see in the average issue of spider-man, so it doesn't feel rushed or frantic. While nothing "Big" has happened yet to warrant a perfect score, there's still little if anything wrong here, so I'm "sticking" around for the time being (DAMN PUNS!)

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Posted by dravenmort

Nice review. I think your spot on with everything. Great comic. Seeing as how I used to live in Houston, I busted out laughing at the scene where Kaine ran out of buildings. Its true that Houston doesn't have a ton of skyscrapers, so glad that has been given notice.

Posted by DIOMJK

@dravenmort: I really like how they incorporate the city into the story in small ways. Usually whatever place their in is usually only identified by the landmarks you briefly glimpse/see destroyed, this story actually helps make it feel like a real place, and makes for some funny moments

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