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Sticking Around 0

Marvel has been kicking a lot of ass with their new ongoing's this year, with Daredevil, Punisher, Winter Soldier and the schism off shoots being surprisingly well received. Scarlet Spider is definitely a part of this trend, and continues to tell an very well written superhero tale.As the tagline reads "All of the power, none of the responsibility", Kane is basically Spider-man without all the continuity or the angering One more day changes. This issue continues to wonderfully set up his cast, m...

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It ain't easy being Kaine. 0

Synopsis: No matter where Kaine goes, trouble is always around.You know how dark this series is? Well, it's not dark like say, The Punisher, but Chris Yost is reminding everyone the difference between him and Peter in every issue. Imagine Peter being serious 24/7 as Spider-Man. That is what Scarlet Spider is. When was the last time you seen Spider-man scare a robber so bad that the robber was pissing his pants? I find that absolutely hilarious. But Scarlet Spider is much more than being a darker...

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Amazing Scarletness 0

I never thought I would follow a Spider title with passion, but Scarlet Spider did the deed. This book is so great, and issue #3 just confirms it. Ryan Stegman's at is so cool, and Yost is writing a very easy-going, reader friendly story. Anyone who has not read this book yet, needs to give it a chance.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Someone from Kaine's past 0

This is my video review for Scarlet Spider issue 3. In this issue Scarlet Spider runs into an old enemy....

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Unmasked! 0

Recommended!Web-slinger extraordinaire, Kaine is still learning about his new city of Houston, TX... besides the fact that it is hot, humid and wrought with crime - it is spread out over vast areas, not all of which have towering anchors for his transportation needs. The depiction of this and the simple fact that it was brought up at all, made me feel that the creative team really did their homework. It was a really easy and effective way to add humor to a story full of drama and action.This boo...

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Welcome To Houston Skyscaper Population - Limited! 0

With so many heroes based all in one area, Kaine is trying to be even more unique and leave all of the big cities (with lots of skyscrapers) and head to Houston, Texas. To find something he's always been looking for -- Freedom! While Kaine is now a non-disfigured clone of Peter Parker, he is starting his career as the hero the Scarlet Spider. With everything not going as planned, even not wanting to be a hero, Kaine is learning quick that he is being forced more-and-more into the status of "hero...

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Comic Review -- Scarlet Spider #3: Scarlet Fury! / Christopher Yo 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...I have to say, I'm really liking the covers for this series so far. It's like a parade of poster shots for Kaine's new persona, and they all look pretty bad-ass so far. This one is particularly menacing, with the angry Scarlet Spider glaring at you with the full moon directly behind him. Excellent posing, excellent composition, and wonderful execution. This one's a win.Kaine starts off foiling a mugging of one of Houston's citizen...

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