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The End

I have one last post to make before the new year and decided that it had to be this one. This was without a doubt the best single issue I have read this year. 5 stars doesn't even do it justice. If you can only buy one comic this year this is the one!

The Good:

Everything. There is nothing in this issue I had a gripe with. Everything tied up and the execution was perfect. This is what a comic should be. It took away the general trend of a consequence being ignored 1 issue after it occured. This issue had the consequences, the ramifications and the ending this series deserved, even if Kaine himself didn't deserve it. There isn't really happy ending but nor is it sad one. It was emotional. That is the only way I can truly discribe it. Baldeon and Yost ended this series in an amazingly, spectacular (NOT SUPERIOR) faishon and i'm very sad to see this series gone but on the upside they pulled out all the stops for this issue and let Scarlet Spider go out with a bang.

The Bad:

The main bad thing is that I will not see this series again unless they decide to relaunch again in the furture and that is gonna put a sour taste on my christmas.....once all the food, presents and fun has worn off of course!

The only other thing I would have liked is a little explanation of Shathra's change of character in SS 24 and then her sudden shift back to character in this issue but that is my only complaint.


With that I bid a fond farewell to a series that has given me immense amounts of entertainment and pleasure to read over the past two years. Marvel if you're seeing this, THIS right here is your benchmark! This is the quality of series you should be trying to achieve. It was one hell of a run but all good things must come to an end. Good-Bye Scarlet Spider, on to New Warriors!

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

Nice review! I'm a little behind on the series, I'm around issue 21 I think.

Posted by PunyParker

I know that you(and i....and a lot of people) are emotional about that issue,but's not a 5-star at all.

Edited by Strider92

@punyparker: Well reviews are all a matter of taste. To me it deserved 5 stars. I honestly thought it was the best issue of the series. Its the first 5 stars i've given to the series despite being a rabid fan lol.

Edited by PunyParker

@strider92: I'll probably give it so,too,but just between the two of us,it doesnt deserve 5-stars.....generally the last issues are a tad off,objectivelly.....because as from me(you everyone) there hasnt been a single issue i said "i dont like this one".....even the Carnage ones.

Posted by Pierpat

Good review, it'll get the issue asap, I'm still at issue 17, but the series is looking great.

Posted by Lvenger

Nice review Strider, you really capture the strengths of this issue and explain why Yost has made this series so good. I bet this issue must have been even better for you given that Shathra showed up again ;)

Posted by Strider92

@lvenger: The fact Shathra showed up did indeed set off my fan-boy side.

I noticed some people after reading the last issue thought "well what was the point in this series if its going to end like that?". I personally thought because of how it ended was the best thing about it. There was no happy ending and it really broke the mold of the "hero always triumphing" on a much more emotional level than i've seen in a long time. Kaine did his best to atone for what he did and for the most part did a lot of good but deep down he was still a monster whether it was the cold-blooded psycho he once was on the bestial Other and people liked him until they saw what he truly was. That was the main thing I liked about the series it showed the true frivolousness and shallowness of human nature. Turning on Kaine simply because he seemed like a monster despite him being that monster in order to save them Houston. The reason I liked it is because I thought it was a legitimate reaction to scenario Yost had built.

That issue also made me really like Layton. He was about the only one who seemed to see Kaine for more than a monster despite the fact he ironically was trying to kill him lol.

Posted by Lvenger

@strider92: That is complex story telling I have to say. And honestly the series has always seemed like it's about Kaine struggling with his inner demons to make himself better and even when he uses those demons to help others, it alienates the very people he's trying to save. Man what a bummer for Kaine that all those people turned on him. Didn't Layton turn on Kaine like all his other friends did apart from Arcacely?

Posted by PunyParker

Check out mine dude!!

Want your opinion.

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