thanosrules's Scarlet Spider #2 - After Life review

Just Five More Minutes

Highly Recommended!

I cannot say enough about this new series! It is fantastic. I love that it is in a new setting, and not afraid to call it out or even make light of the fact. This time there was no "Texas heat" humor, but that didn't mean it wasn't on fire! (pun intended) Kaine's struggle continues... should he stay, or should he go. Find out in this issue!

While I feel that the Salamander's appearance was somewhat fleeting, it did prove its point - Kaine has to willfully decide how "good" or "bad" he will be with each one of his actions. I appreciated the villain more for his place in the overall character development of our "Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood Bad A$$" rather than his formidable powers and destructive nature.

This is a fantastic book, from art to writing, cover to cover - Go pick it up today!

If you would like to see my Video Review, as well as my tribute to this book and Spider-Man, check it out below!


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