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(NOT) Spider-man to the rescue

Last month, issue #1 of the Scarlet spider came out, and I have to admit I was impressed. Chris Yost managed to introduce a solid character, give us his back story, and his motivations (and in some cases, the lack-thereof) and made an interesting anti-hero as he comes to grips with the freedom he won after so much suffering, though I do wish he kept that awesome beard. Issue #2 continues to deliver, though it serves mainly as a means to wrap up what was already introduced last time than introduce new concepts, but it's still a great read.

The story focuses solely on his rescue of the woman from last issue, and basically plays out for the most part as a large fight scene. The art is great, and makes up for the most part for the fact that the villain isn't that interesting. Still, it's not poorly executed by any means, and we still get enough characterization to see how Kaine is trying to distance himself from being seen as spider-man, from the absence of wise-cracking one-liners to his lack of fear when it comes to using guns to take his enemies down. we see him willing to kill without guilt when fighting in hot-blood, but we also see the signs that make him a hero when he refuses to kill a defenseless enemy, something that most heroes don't really deal with: they typically either are fully prepared to kill or not at all. The book further separates itself from the main spider books by the way the people react to him, where they see him as a way to accomplish what they can't, instead as a nuisance or a menace.

Really, the only thing negative I can about this book is that it just doesn't feel BIG, it lacks something that makes it seem like there's something huge coming. But as an introduction issue, setting up a hero, his supporting cast and (maybe?) a threat on the horizon, it works just fine, and has got me looking forward to next month.

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