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Best web slinger in comix.

First he had to kill Wolverine, now he has to team up with the Canadian killer to stop The Assassins Guild. Not only do we get a cool costume change from Kaine but we also get Wolvey back in his white X-Force covert-op suit again. The issue starts by answering the questions left by part 1. Then settles into the thrill ride of Scarlet/Wolvey team-up power. Finishing with yet another cliff hanger, making next the wait for Part 3. That much more unbearable. Awesome issue, only problem is there should have been a dope double page splash which was made into two singles. Big let down. Love this book and I'm really enjoying Barberi's stuff.


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    I was really Looking forward to this, as soon as i saw the the Premise foe issue 17 i already knew there was going to be a Kaine/wolverine team up, and what can i say? Yost did Not disappoint me, in fact despite some problems this issue was amazing as usual. It's an interesting story.First things first, the art is Superb here. One of the best things i've noticed is how well the X-men Look, Especially beast and ice man, Their Designs are amazing and interesting. But how can i review the art witho...

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