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Kaine is the Superior Spider-man!

The Good:

Carlo Barberi temporarily replacing Pham is great. The guy is a brilliant artist and his style fits well with Scarlet Spider much better than Khoi's. Yost as usual delivers stella dialogue and proceeds to make Kaine even more downright scary than he was before in this issue.

The Bad:

Ultimately there was nothing really bad about this issue aside from a few nagging things for example how come Kaine was suddenly wearing the stealth-suit version of his suit instead of the normal Scarlet Spider one? However these were small and could be explained by the costume being made of unstable molecules.

The Verdict:

If you ever had any doubts that Kaine was a force to be reckoned with after this issue you won't. Here he sets the standard for not to be messed with. 5/5 and deservedly so.

Posted by laflux
Posted by Deranged Midget

Easily my favourite and best Spider title on the market right now and one that continually never fails to impress! I loved the change of pace with the art and I think it's the best the series has had to date. I liked the tone of this issue and the seriousness that Kaine has again.

Great review Strider!

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    I've Been uninterested in anything relating to spider-man lately , i hate superior, but this is a must read, seriously, this was amazing. Yost yet again delivers and awesome plot that makes for another great action sequence, but some seriously awesome moments.The Change of art was a good idea, because it is damn gorgeous, i honestly love it. Kaine looks tough, beastly actually, and seeing him fighting is amazing. also the senigns are awesome too, kaine looks buffer than the usual peter parker co...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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