theacidskull's Scarlet Spider #16 - A Good, Ol' Fashioned Rodeo review

Kaine Has the "Parker Luck" after all!

Yost is one seriously amazing writer. there is no easy way of putting this, i LOVE this so much , this is one of the best titles in Marvel right now, i mean that , this was seriously great.

One of the many things that o see here is the re-introduction of the parker luck , which is one of the best things about spider-man, and something we don't get to see anymore, what with all the BRAIN SWITCH thing occurring. While we don't really deal with the events of the last issues, Yost Subtly implants the OTHERS appearances at the right moments, implying that kaine can't loose control, or bad things might happen.

This issue was pure fun, from the armadillos cheesy love story to kaine's day getting worse, this was awesome for some laughs, and sheer entertainment. Though some moments were a bit to cheesy for my tats, not bad, but way to cliche. But again, yost knows where to use humor and where to apply serious themes, and some major developments do occur withing the pages, that leaves a tone of mystery.

The art was good, not perfect and at times rough around the edges, but it was still good, and i really enjoyed it. This was yet another great issue form yost, and i would definitely reccomend it.

Ahahah! kaine is so clueless.

Recommendation: Yes please!

Posted by Cyclops4President

i like this cover

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