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The Other is back!

The Good:

Yost continues to bring awesome writing to its series and in this he proved why he should be writing Scarlet Spider. Not only did he make the story convincing but also gave a brief explanation as to why Peter no longer has his "Other" powers. It's plain to see that Yost takes this series seriously going as far as to look back over Spider-man's past and bring up a story like the "Other" in the pages of Scarlet Spider. The scenario this story brings up could make for a brilliant story arc. The characters continue to be great and its nice Aracely is starting to get some character padding.

The Bad:

In the last issue Khoi Pham had done some very nice pencils but in this issue? No. The issue felt rushed and a lot of the faces and anatomy looked wrong. I may be slightly biased not being a fan of Khoi's style but this was in my opinion the worst I had ever seen of his pencils in this series thus far. Which is a shame because I know he can draw well. He proved that in Minimum Carnage and the last issue but in this he really dropped the ball.


I wanted to give this 4 stars just because of Yost bringing the "Other" back to a Spider-title but Khoi's pencils were very detrimental to this issue and despite the fact I really really REALLY wanted to give this 4 stars just for Yost's writing I couldn't. 3 stars from me. Had the art been better this would have most likely got the whole 5 stars. I just hope Khoi ups his game in the next issue because I wasn't impressed with this.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

great review.

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