Scarlet Spider #14

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The Good 

It's been awhile since Kaine's resurrection at the conclusion of 'Grim Hunt' and since then we haven't much reason to think about "The Other." This issue completely changes that and brings the variable back into the picture.  
Why'd Peter lose those powers? Why/how was Kaine brought back to life? Writer Christopher Yost answers those questions and more in this chapter and does so in an incredibly cinematic method.  We take a trip down memory lane as Kaine is haunted by all of his actions and continues to struggle with who he really is and what he's capable of. I know I've complained about there being too much of a focus on this in this past, but the dilemma works masterfully in this segment and sets the stage for some big changes in this book. 
Meanwhile, I'm pleased to see the story with Aracely is making major strides. It's just too bad the villains moving this part forward don't intrigue me all that much. II'd much rather see Kingpin and the Hand return to the picture sooner rather than later. 

The Bad

Overall, Khoi Pham's art has some solid moments but there's some serious anatomy issues. Aracely has insanely long legs at one point and Kaine's body is all kinds of distorted in another panel -- it's very distracting. Also, some of the facial work in close ups feel a bit rushed and had very rough details that just didn't seem fitting.    

The Verdict 

Yost delivers a solid script as he places a key focus on Kaine's moral struggle. The issue has a fantastic payoff that'll likely get you pumped for what's to come, but seemingly rushed art holds back the book's overall impact. Yost has done a great job creating a strong supporting cast for the anti-hero and I'm especially interested to see how things will go once he encounters them again.

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