facemelter88's Scarlet Spider #12 - The Man in the Presidential Suite review

A bit of Die Hard, Santa burglars & a swear jar

OK writer Chris Yost is amazing (New X-Men, X-Force among other greatness). Yost has made this series great, it's funny, action packed, he has expanded on/created great characters, he has "planted seeds" that will lead to great stories and the art is spectacular. Kaine's heroic journey could have been boring, bland and mediocre (like some are). Not only has his journey been unique but Yost gave us the Kaine from Grim Hunt and Spider Island. He hasn't become to dark and broody he is still the wise cracking, grumpy "Parker" trying to turn over a new leaf. Another benefit this series has are the great supporting characters. Kaines new "crew," Wally, Aracely, Donald and Annabelle have helped Kaine's head in the right place as well as kept him on his path of redemption. They have become Kaine's family (including Peter) but they have added comedy to the series which has kept a lighter tone like a Spidey book.


This is a fun issue thanks to Yost. Kaine is deterred and depressed due the outcome of Minimum Carnage...poor Kaine wants to give up, so he gets hammered. Luckily there are bad guys dressed as Santa itching to rob Kaine's hotel even better Kaine is drunk and passed out which means...Wally (and Aracely) to the rescue! Aracely steals the show here but she often does...swear jar HILARIOUS! We're reminded Kaine has a heavy chip on his shoulder about his past and fears he will never be the hero he strives to be. Yost has consistently shown a lot of Peter's characteristics in Kaine, self-doubt and wit especially in this issue. Kaine still struggles with his past as a killer but Donald inspires his new friend with kind words:

Beautiful words

Nothing like being called an idiot to motivate someone. His new family is unorthodox but Kaine needs unorthodox. There's still mystery in this series and Yost knows it and has slowly filled in gaps here and there. We found out awhile back why Kaine's suit is stuck red, he doesn't have spider sense and we know now his suit is even cooler and self repairs, Yost gives us little nuggets like that but there are still questions we want answered and Yost knows it. When will we find out more about Aracely? When will the Kravinoffs come calling? Luckily, Wally does some shooting, Aracely does her weird emotion/mind power stuff to the bad Santa's and Anna leads one to Kaine, where the ass kicking justice begins. We're treated to a pretty great fight page a couple of hilarious and badass pages showing the results. Oh, and Yost adds another mystery "nugget" on the last panel...oh that Yost is a clever fella.

Read this issue, solid jump on point. Find the prior issues to catch up on Kaine and his cohorts, you will thank me.


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