thanosrules's Scarlet Spider #10 - Minimum Carnage; Part 2; Inner Space review

Worth Thwipping Up

Recommendation: "Yep, definitely worth thwipping up!"

The Minimum Carnage mini-event continues here!

Last week we were introduced to this story arc with Minimum Carnage Alpha, the beginning, as it were. Now we will get a few weeks of crossovers in the Scarlet Spider and Venom titles. It is a pretty neat idea, and a nice way to tie these two Spidey Thwip-Off series together. The mini-event will end with Minimum Carnage Omega, seems fitting. It will all take place within two months, October-November 2012. It should be interesting... actually, check that. It IS interesting. So far at least.

So, this issue... it picks up directly where Minimum Carnage Alpha left off... All hell and mini-hell has broken loose in Houston... Kaine is already on the scene (proximity thing) as Flash arrives in all his Avengers glory.

Nice setup, really.

The cover proclaims, "Scarlet Spider vs. Venom" - oh boy, like we need more "vs." titles... Good news is, it actually plays out BETTER than I had imagined.

You get all the standard backtalk you have become accustomed to in this Scarlet Spider title... he doesn't take $%!# from anyone... not even the great not-so-Secret Avenger Venom.

The dialog is great, all the characters are spot on (as would be expected, as @yost is at the helm), and the art is spectacular.

One of the things I had issue with in Minimum Carnage Alpha was that it felt like a Venom book. Happily, though Venom plays a large part, it feels like a Scarlet Spider book. Don't get me wrong, I love the Venom series, but when I buy a Carnage book, I (usually) want to see two things: Carnage and Clayton Crain.

That said, when I buy a Scarlet Spider book, I want it to be primarily about Kaine. This one fit that bill.

More good news, if you haven't been following this series (other than it is good and you should) is you could pick up from this issue for the Minimum Carnage story arc. The previous story arcs for Scarlet Spider are all wrapped up (for now anyway) in preparation for this mini-event.

In fact, I went back and read 7-9, expecting to see some tie-in. There was none, other than some interesting character building between Kaine and the hopelessly over-Texan "Rangers".

So, anyway... this issue is definitely worth the $2.99 AND ties perfectly into the ongoing story arc.

Next week we get the next tie-in for this mini-event: Venom #26. I have to assume the same goes with that ongoing series... you likely will be able to just pick up these tie-in issues and not worry about the ongoing story. Either way, I will be catching up with Venom the same way I did for Scarlet Spider... it just seems like the right thing to do.


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