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Batman + Spider-Man + a shave =Scarlet Spider #1

The first part of this issue felt like the part of "Batman Begins" when he's at the docks terrifying/fighting Falcone's goons. I have really grown to like Kaine as a "not so bad as he was before" type of hero but even when he was a villain I liked him but there were always signs he had some good in him. Grim Hunt really set the stage for him to become a more heroic character and Spider-Island solidified it. I really liked how Yost and Stegman portray Kaine as a "dark" Peter Parker trying to not be Peter Parker...if that makes sense. Kaine is not Peter Parker and he doesn't want to be but the writers remind us he is no Peter Parker but nowadays he has become more Peter Parker than Kaine, though he saves a survivor at the port he still takes all the bad guys money which is very unParker like. This issue is kind of like Kaine's "heroics for dummies," seriously who cusses out an old woman seconds after saving her from a speeding car...Kaine does and it is awesome but of course since he is still learning how to be a good good guy he learns from his mistakes, including accidentaly mangling the driver. Kaine is probably a genius but it has yet to be shown really but through his life as a mercenary and on the run he has learned things and how to do things Peter doesn't which has Kaine knowing he is to be hunted a lot of people for his past and his unorthodox way of ending Spider-Island, Though they put him on the run again the writers still give him time to become comfortable with his new path in life and his new powers. Though lacking his spider-sense but he has begun to love using the webs. Yost and Stegman have given Kaine a new lease on life, literally and figuratively. Since Kaine has a darker more checkered past and tends to be more violent I feel like this will be the HBO of Spidey books.This team has me excited for the next issue to see where the take Kaine on his road of redemption, discovery and whatever they throw at him.


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