walley's Scarlet Spider #1 - Life After Death review

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Okay first off I never really read much of "The Clone Saga" and the recent "Spider Island" so jumping into this I was a little worried I might get lost. There is a "story thus far" in it so it helped. I have to say I definitely digging this comic and where it is going. It is way different from Spiderman as in chracter and story wise. Kaine is a total badass. The part where he somewhat saves the old woman made me laugh a bit, but it show how the repercussions of those action reflected upon Kaine. It seems he is a little reluctant to dawn the costume but it seem next issue he will have to. I really like the costume as well, it gives off the anti-hero vibe. So far I am sold on this. Can not wait to read the next issue.


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