duo_forbidden's Scarlet Spider #1 - Life After Death review

The return of Scarlet Spider

Synopsis: Coming off of Spider-Island completely healed, Ben Reilly Kaine goes on the run, trying to avoid being a hero.

What's Good?

Ben Reilly Kaine, has always been a tricky character to write about. He always comes back at unusual times, and I always seem to forget that he was a clone slowly degenerating. He really didn't seem to have a purpose, but to kill. During Spider-Island, Kaine was cured of his cellular degeneration and was given a chance to actually live for himself. The question is how do a clone who's mind was always wrapped about dying live life?

Christopher Yost gives readers a different Spider-Man series than what's out currently. We have the original Spider-Man series with responsible Peter Parker, Venom, Flash Thompson trying to be a hero with a killer alien symbiote, Avenging Spider-Man with Spidey teaming up with different heroes, and Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man with Miles Morales taking the mantle after Peter Parker died. With The Scarlet Spider, he's just like what the cover says: he has, "All of the power, none of the responsibility". It's as if he's running from his responsibilities, but because he's the clone of Peter, he has that good side to take down criminals. As of right now, he's sort of an anti-hero.

What makes this different from most of the other Spider-Man titles, mainly Amazing Spider-Man, is that the direction of where Christopher Yost can take this series to. Anything can happen for Kaine, and we could see a darker take of Spider-Man with this series.

Ryan Stegman's artwork is really good for this series. His work almost reminds me of Humberto Ramos, but without the cartoony exaggerations. His artwork also adds to the dark direction this title can approach.

What's Bad?

Again, it really depends on the direction Christopher Yost takes this series. I don't want the same experience I can get with Amazing Spider-Man or Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. Other than that, if you read the Point One issue way back, it does make this issue feel a bit short in terms of who Kaine is and what he is going through.


This is something new for the Spider-Man mythos. I might stick around for this series for a while.


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