thanosrules's Scarlet Spider #1 - Life After Death review

My sweat is sweating


I REALLY enjoyed this issue. Coming from ZERO background, it was an easy jumping on point. The last few pages of the book were even dedicated to getting new readers up to speed with all the crazy goings on for the Scarlet Spider up to this point - man was the back-story confusing!

This story on the other had, was not confusing at all. The art and writing were spot on. We see Kaine dealing with everyday problems, people, as well as his own torment. The story was a great mix of character discovery and plot introduction. His internal struggle between "good" and "evil" makes for a great "real" feeling character. The subtitle of the book says it all, "All the power, none of the responsibility". Again, spot on.

It also felt like the creative team had and have fun with this character. Powerful anti-heroes struggling with their sense of morality make for the best stories.


I thought it a little over the top how Kaine looked after he shaved and showered. A bit too frat boy... I liked him better as a hobo. It is understandable though, hobo gear is too hot for Houston. ;)

I am just sad that the following issues won't have as many pages as this one seemed to have. It was a nice heavy book (for a comic that is)...


Highly Recommended. I had no background on this character or relationship with Peter Parker, other than the short story that was in the Marvel Point One late last year (which got me interested). I thought this book was fantastic. They even got the Houston weather correct! I am really looking forward to this series, as it has great potential for some really interesting story arcs.

Posted by Hawkeye446

Great review. I SHOULD read this.

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