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My First Review Ever

Lately, I haven’t kept up to date with much of Marvel Comics. Marvel comics in particular didn’t really present nor offer anything of interest to a new comic book reader from my standpoint. All I saw from Marvel was overpowered characters lacking in character. Stories, which were part of a much bigger realm, a universe tying down a character down one specific reality. I in particular had a problem with that for several reasons. Trying to make the Marvel universe cohesive in large makes the universe utterly convoluted. This cohesiveness also restricts and restrains new and interesting, character development. Characters are restricted to certain behaviors and modes of acting. Characters are revived and reborn , so many times that the reader is no longer surprised nor overjoyed. This title however, in particular is different from many, I’ve read and I give it appraisal. The artwork is great and more importantly the writing is strong. I highly recommend this book, which is at a caliber similar to DC New 52. It’s also a new story with a origin beginning , which is something that will attract new readers, who will eagerly follow this series. This is one of Marvel’s new 2012 hits is my prediction.

The Good

There is a LOT to love about this issue.

  1. The issue is the start of a new series, it's not a continuation of something much bigger. This is part makes the book attractive to new readers. It's the reason, I picked it up when Marvel had nothing engaging like DC New 52.
  2. The artwork is amazing. There's plenty of bright vivid colors along with sharp crisp contrasting lines.
  3. This issue has a great set up. It presents a short not overly drawn back story to the new Spiderman presented. The story also brings into question, who this new Spiderman is willing to become despite the past. The past is something people often relive and change is hard to adapt to. This story makes you think quite a bit and that's what propels the reader to continue reading it, hence forward.
  4. I haven't read too many marvel stories, where a hero is presented as a vigilante. In an era where youth is anti-establishment and against corruption, I think there will be appeal to this new rough sense of justice. This book in my opinion is a bit similar to Jonah Hex(DC New 52) and Red Hood and the Outlaws(DC New 52) in many ways. All three titles have main character protagonist with a trouble past and heads on their shoulder, which are mentally deranged. Seeing how order out of chaos is established will definitely be interesting.
  5. The issue is action packed and I love it.
  6. Marvel characters tend not to to relate well on a emotional level do to their lack of humanity. This issue however, does a lot to add to the main character, who've I've grown attached to in one issue.

P.S: There's this scene where Kaine(yes the main character), is shaving questioning his life. For some reason that scene really made me think. It made me think of a movie called "The Next Three Days", where the main character after a rough day goes home and shaves. Then he goes to teach his class and brings about a new way of thinking about things, which he presents to his class.

John Brennan: So, the life in times of Don Quixote, what is it about?

Female College Student: That someone's belief in virtue is more important than virtue itself?

John Brennan: Yes... that's in the there. But what is it about? Could it be how rational thought destroys your soul? Could it be about the triumph of irrationality and the power that is in that? You know, we spend a lot of time trying to organize the world. We build clocks and calendars and we try to predict the weather. But what part of our life is truly under our control? What if we choose to exist purely in a reality of our own making? Does that render us insane? And if it does, isn't that better than a life of despair?

Me: I have these same set of questions for the Scarlet Spider and I wonder how the next following issues will answer them.

The Bad

There really isn't anything bad about this issue. Maybe the reader might be disappointed that the Scarlet Spider didn't fight any arch nemesis. There wasn't any rival major villain in the story besides some local street thugs. The issue however, does introduce an arch nemesis but that's at the end of the issue. I think that was a good choice. In the end you don't want a cluttered, rushed, and unfocused story. You want a story with a clear narrative and sense of direction, which is what I got.

The Verdict

I say get this book. This book is done well and is very interesting. I have high expectations for it and give it a 5/5.

Posted by Prophet_AoA

how many spiders does marvel this like the batman inc. thing?

Posted by Green_Tea_Light

A review that isn't a few grammatically incorrect lines of text! Good job!

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