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Barry Moore was a former actor who at the urging of his father, police Captain James Moore, joined the police force.  

Finding the police to be ineffective Barry used his skills in make-up to create a second identity; disguising himself as a rather stereotypical western notion of a traditional Chinese person he battled crime as The Scarlet Seal.  

While having no extra skills or knowledge other than this police training, a good right hook and his dubious acting ability Barry, as the Scarlet Seal, made a good dent in crime in his city for the length of his short nine month career as his trademark red calligraphy symbol soon began to strike fear in the hearts of criminals who saw it. 

Whether Barry’s sudden disappearance from crime fighting was due to him tiring of the game, his meeting criminals he could not deal with, or his father, who regarded the Scarlet Seal as a criminal, finding out what was going on with his son, has never been revealed. 

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