aslan186's Scarlet #1 review

Strong Start

From the very first page where our heroine is just finishing off choking some random dude to death. This first issue explodes with the harshness of a "broken world" and gives us a strong look at the main character teasing us with hints about her motivations and context for her personality (which involves a lot of the breaking of the 4th wall). But, at the same time there is still a lot of mystery about who she is and her contextual place in the larger world.  

Bendis does a superb job of reeling us in with quick paced monologues that give us a basic backdrop for this seemingly everyday girl pushed too far by society.  Maleev's art style is infused with warm colors and sharp lines that are contrasted with cool backgrounds. Scarlet herself is based on actual shots of a model whose name is apparently just Iva. This creates an almost too realistic look that I personally am not a huge fan of, but as an established style Maleev is clearly a master.  

My chief complaint and I will admit it is actually kind of minor is for what is basically a tale of the loss so great that it drove this average girl to start murdering dudes in an alley, it is surprisingly devoid of emotion. This is the most soul crushing moment in her entire life, and she relates it all almost too succinctly, she comes across too disconnected from the events, just here you go, here's my back story. From the context of the story the event seems recent, and I would have liked to see her spend a little time reflecting on it, but I am sure that those moments are yet to come. 

All in all a strong start to what promises to be an intriguing new series


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