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Welcome to the Revolution

This comic is a true work of art. Maleev is one of the premier artist of our time who is a visual storyteller. Coupled with A-list talent like Bendis and you have a recipe for brilliance. Scarlet is steeped in the counterculture. Scarlet herself is equal parts Elektra, female Travis Bickle, and Tank Girl. A major polarizing factor for potential readers is that the fourth wall is not only broken, it is shattered. Breaking the fourth wall is a tricky technique that in the wrong hands begets mediocrity at best. Here it is used in appropriate balance. This is destined to be a cult classic in the comic book world.


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    From the very first page where our heroine is just finishing off choking some random dude to death. This first issue explodes with the harshness of a "broken world" and gives us a strong look at the main character teasing us with hints about her motivations and context for her personality (which involves a lot of the breaking of the 4th wall). But, at the same time there is still a lot of mystery about who she is and her contextual place in the larger world.   Bendis does a superb job of reeling...

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