Should Scarecrow (DC) get a girl?!

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How awesome would that be? A lady of fear?

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Why not? i don't see any roblems with it

Edit: actually she would probably have to be imune to fear or he might accidentaly kill her

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Yea but how badass would that be!

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He had one. She betrayed him.

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When did that happen it sounds interesting

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Her name was Fright, turned him into Scarebeast and then shacked up with Black Mask(Arkham). Neat character on her own I think. Could do moer than just be the assistant to whichever bigger bad guy.She was also a bigger chemist than psychiatrist.

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That would be sweet! I think he really just needs someone to care for him, hence his past!

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Was she around the time scarecrow had his pest crow Nightmare? Anyway I thought scarecrow turned into scarebeast in real life more than once. Also cant he breathe his toxic gas including exhaling it at people?

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@TheCheeseStabber: Who is that guy?

#11 Posted by TheCheeseStabber (8066 posts) - - Show Bio

@AquaDCman: idk i just thought it was funny ;3

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Fright appeared in the "As the Crow Flies" story arc. In it, Penguin is making a move on the Gotham underworld, and he's hired Scarecrow to keep his people in line. Dr. Friitawa is a sweet, young albino geneticist who has been stripped of her liscence. She ends up working as Scarecrow's lab assistant, and Scarecrow becomes infatuated with her. However, Dr. Friitawa is actually hired by Penguin to engineer Scarecrow to turn into the monstrous Scarebeast, so that he would kill off the independent crime bosses that Penguin had brought into the fold without Penguin getting his hands dirty (and thus maintaining the loyalty of the dead bosses' organizations). She meanwhile uses Scarecrow's research to turn herself into the villainess Fright and proceeds to disappear until she resurfaces working for the new Black Mask.

Scarecrow has turned into the Scarebeast a couple times since then (once during War Games, and another time during Infinite Crisis), but most writers have ignored this story and returned Scarecrow to his origins.

The picture is from a late 1980's television show. The lady, obviously, is Mrs. King, a divorced housewife. The guy is a secret agent codenamed "Scarecrow" and the two eventually form a romantic relationship after a chance meeting in a train station. This has absolutely nothing to do with Scarecrow, the DC Comics supervillain.

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Didn't he have an assistant called the scream queen. What about her? or was she just made in the animated shows?

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I agree, he deserves a girl. Perhaps Lady Deathstrike?

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Scream queen(who could produce super sonic screams), if i remember correctly, was just in Batman: the Brave And the Bold. and, seeing as how hes had such bad luck with women (Fright, Becky Albright, Sherry Squires) i think its totally justifiable he get a lady sidekick-one who actually is interested in him, not being paid to genetically alter him into a giant plant/animal/human hybrid. just sayin.

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Scarecrow and Penguin? <3 
I joke, I joke.

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Why not give all the Batman Villain's a Harley Quinn based Henchgirl?

That won't get boring or over done at all!

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I know I'm late to the party but as I see it; NO! I don't like Harley due to her irritating well everything and she's become a bit of the model to give a super villain a girl. So I think the last thing needed is to give him one he's brilliant on his own he doesn't need some girl supporting him.

I adore the man and all but keep a potential girl for him in the awful fanfiction where I don't have to read it.

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How about Medusa he would like a someone that is symbol of fear. They can both meet each other as yellow lanterns.

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People, I thought i would create a character by my username. Care to listen for what i had in mind for his love interest? I REALLY THINK IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA! XD PLEASE! if you dont give 2 craps about what people say, then don't even come to this topic. i want to be a part of DC to create the character so it doesn't become horrible fan fiction!

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I'd rather not. Scarecrow's only love is fear, and he's sociopathic, and therefore cannot relate to people. It wouldn't work with his character

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