Scarecrow stories

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i've only being reading comics for about 2 years and i want to find a good Scarecrow (jonathan crane) story can someone tell me what to read??? 
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Shadow of the Bat (#16, #17, #18) -  the God of Fear arc. Joker's Asylum: Scarecrow, Scarecrow 3D, Robin: A Hero Reborn, are all good.
Also Scarecrow: Year One has decent art and an okay story, although I'm of two minds about the reboot of his history.
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thanks i think ill check out the god of fear arc
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@selfschema:   What did they change about his past history?
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Well, originally he was just a teacher who needed more money for books and fancy clothes so people would respect him, then later it changed that he was a kid who liked to scare birds / was afraid of birds (it varies from issue to issue), then it became that he was upset about this girl in high school who played a prank on him so he scared her boyfriend into crashing his car and that made him realize how great it was to scare people into respecting him (Then he got fired from his teaching job for waving a gun around). Now it's gone completely unbelievable to the point of almost self parody. His evil Georgian grandmother trained birds to attack him after his parents both abandoned him AND he gets picked on in school AND he got fired as a professor for waving a gun around. Although Batman's been around a long long time, his history never got even MORE angsty, his origin's always stayed pretty much the same.    

Totally unrelated, but I love your icon. :D

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