Is Scarecrow's fear gas real?

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I know that there is no drug that can make someone see and experience extreme hallucinations, like in Batman Arkham Asylum, but after watching the cartoon, seeing the films, and reading the comics, I HAVE to ask: Is there a type of drug/gas that is capable of exposing a person's fear(s)? Even if it is not EXACTLY like Scarecrow's gas, there could possibly be something realistic, due to the fact that Christopher Nolan's Batman universe relies on realistic things. So basically, if Nolan put Scarecrow's toxin in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, surely there should be some realism in that, right?

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I think it would be possible in THEORY, as in Batman's cape in Batman Begins. That material does exist and could become rigid if a current went through it, but the part about a glove that can emit a current without killing the user is BS. So the cape works in THEORY, but it could not actually happen. I have no experience in pharmaceuticals, but I am sure you could find a way to justify the fear reaction. However, there would be limits in reality stopping it from becoming a weaponized aerosol. Let me know what you find.
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thanks, I will.

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I think it is.  It is halucinagenic so...must be right? lol

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ill jump on that one too.....gotta be some evidence it could be real and does work. 

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Interesting question.  There aren't any hallucinogens out there that are "terrifying".  Scarecrow's gas is just a stimulant. 

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From what I've heard there are several hallucinogenic side-effects with almost any kind of hard-core narcotic, it probably just depends on the dose and the person it's used on. Maybe a bad form of MDMA (ecstasy) or LSD could get a particular person to experience some fearsome hallucinations.
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I did a few ummmm.. "recreational" drugs back in the day that made me extremely paranoid.
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Thanks, this is extremely helpful. Hopefully Christopher Nolan will one day respond to the question. LOL!

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there are drugs that cause horror like hallucinations but nothing for a personal fear as peoples fears are always changing or being confronted and fear is just a emotoion so there are probably drugs that make you afraid all the time but nothing pin poin accuarte like Scarecrows gas sadly...

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certain government funded programs are actually looking into the certain chemical/chemicals in the brain that cause fear. they're hoping to create some kind of weaponized version of this in case they ever need it. they are currently keeping everything top secret, but i do have some leads on what can cause fear symptoms.

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I know this is a pretty old topic.. but a response anyway!

If someone were to ever create a 'real' fear gas, I would expect that it would have to come from the neurotransmitter within the brain that stimulates the 'fight or flight' response that we have when presented with danger. Specifically, a neurotransmitter/stress hormone called Norepinephrine. Norepinephrine, along with another neurotransmitter-- Epinephrine, are directly responsible for signaling that trigger to the brain. When released, blood pressure increases as well as heart rate, which releases glucose from energy stores within the body and also allows blood flow to skeletal muscles to increase.

As far as the hallucinations go, I would assume that the neurotransmitters would have to be sort of mixed with other hallucinogens that make us kind of flip out. LSD, for example. 

Anyway, yeah. That'd be my take on it. Isolating the trigger responsible for the chemical reaction of 'fear' in our brains, and mixing it up with a powerful hallucinogen like LSD.

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Any "bad trip" would be the equivalent I assume. There is a reason people joke about LSD making the furniture want to eat you.

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I have theorized a way to make this 'gas'.  There are 2 main parts:
1) A herb or sage called 'Salvia Divinorum' is a recreation, legal drug that has been used for a while now. It causes a receptor in the brain called the 'D2 receptor agonist' to start a person subjected to salvia hallucinate. Salvorin A is the active ingredient within salvia and can be extracted through easy means. This chemical can some how be put into solution. When fully dissolved, you should find a way to vaporize the liquid salvorin A. After vaporisation, use air pressure to eject the liquid in a cloud like matter.   
2) The chemical Capsaicin is present amongst all hot chilli's and causes that burning sensation in the mouth. The capsaicin can be concentrated to different levels of heat measured on the Scoville scale. Capsaicin is found in pepper spray as the active ingredient. This can cause panic, claustrophobia, and people to flip out. Mix Salvorin A and capsaicin in a soluble liquid and vaporise it and eject it, and see what would happen when testing it on a person. As well as the induced hallucinations from the Salvorin A, the capsaicin would work with it to cause even more panic. Hallucinogenics can give people  bad trip, and when they start the bad trip, it is almost impossible to stop. They will see things that their sub conscious will put into their head. Using this formula in theory would cause an awoken nightmare. 
Thanks for reading.

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I am just expanding on JimmyJ's post but I think if you mix Salvia, Shrooms and Capsaicin together it might work, Also maybe if you add some Nutmeg in there also, I am going to start Experimenting ASAP

I keep Ya'll posted :)

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@Scarecrow_number_2: Please do update on your results. I'd love to see if this 'gas' exist, even in a solid/liquid form. I also wonder if consuming this stuff actually works, or better yet, injecting. Imagine, You could literally scare the living shit out of someone...

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Okay. So after i spent a few hours researching i have found a way to create this 'fear gas' however it's only possible to do in a liquid/pill form which sort of impractical...

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could we share some notes..i've been doing some experimenting myself..i put the liquid agent in an atomizer..but i don't think the atomizer would do any significant damage because it only releases a small amount of the liquid agent..haven't really tested it on human subjects..just keeping my fingers crossed that i get robbed or something so i could try it out..:D

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I did a module on drug action principles at university. I can tell you with 100% certainty know gases known to science at this point which are known to the general scientific populace ( maybe some dark agency/terrorist cell are working on biolical ware fare weapons somewhere) but no known gas will cause your to imagine you worst fears if enhaled absorbed in anyway. There are many types of gas that will cause visions but none that will always cause the same vision/effect across multiple victimes since they are subjective and dose related normally.

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I think I'd give it one try if it were real.

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@RedHood16 said:

I know that there is no drug that can make someone see and experience extreme hallucinations, like in Batman Arkham Asylum

Incorrect. There are many.

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Fear is produced in the brain I'm sure you could produce a gas that triggers that part of your brain. You wouldn't see strange creatures and what not but I'm sure you would still be pretty terrified.

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There is one drug i can think of called Agent 15 or 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate. Its kinda like the scarecrow drug but takes time to set in. It wont necessarily make you wet your pants in fear but i guess it could depending on what you hallucinate.

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If only there was some way to hormonally and neurally recreate, while in an otherwise 'awake' state, the experience of having a nightmare.

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Myself and others have been gassed while at the Warren County Jail (Ohio). It caused extreme anxiety and confusion with other symptoms. This area of the country (southern Ohio) has much German lineage. The largest immigrant population in the U.S is German. Manipulating people's body chemistry is not clever. It is literally ape-like beings picking up substances from the earth's crust and putting it in someone else; all the while knowing it is so heinous you have to do it secretly.

"And mix not up the truth with falsehood, nor hide the truth while you know." (Holy Quaran 2:42)

"If you have to lie or hide the truth to get your way, what does that say about your way?" (Andrew Marr Haines)

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The trips in Arkham Asylum were a lot like DMT trips, minus the elves [which weren't present in the game]. There's also a few substances [which I'm casually reading about not] that cause people to to be afraid.

DMT just alters your perception, but not your mood.

DMT + a fear gas = Scarecrow gas. You'll trip balls and be very very afraid.

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@redhood16: There are several drugs that make someone see and experience sever hallucinations, not to mention the millions of non medical or drug related chemicals that can cause hallucinations. Fear gas is probably one of the easiest of all comic book weapons to reproduce in the real world, if you could make an aerosol version of LSD you'd probably have something similar.

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Any psychotropic substance can make you see horrible things if you're not mentally strong enough to handle it. When you "trip" nothing you experience is out of your control, you just have to remember that. Believe me though, it's harder than it sounds.

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Of course, it's great Before sex!

anyyyyyyyyyyways, on a serious note, there probably are hallucinogen could be equivalent to the fear gas.

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Yeah bath salts

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made an account just to answer with exstream fact's. no his gas is not real. but when a person gets scared a group of chemicals get produced in your brain and flow through your blood. using these exact chemicals at the right consistency and injecting them into the human body will make a person extremely approachable by fear if the person was sleeping during this time all there greatest fears would become reality in a dream I beleave these drugs could be real in the future since they are basic psychological chemistry. these drugs could be used in discipline or even torture.

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