Any one else?

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Any one else want the Scarecrow to be a full time member of the Sinestro Corps? I personally really want him to be.

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I really think he'd benefit from being a full-time Sinestro Corps member. He was great in his role, and I'm glad Johns and the editors chose Scarecrow as the Deputy over their other choice.
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I want a couple of the deputy lanterns to keep their rings.....Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Atom and Barry Allen specially. Don't really care about Mera or Wonder Woman though.

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I know I really want this to happen. In fact, the moment he first got the ring I thought it was basically the equivalent of this only instead of Batman it's Scarecrow and instead of willipower it's fear...

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Scarecrow would make an awesome addition to the Sinestro Corps, though if he joined Sinestro he probably wouldn't be able to menace Batman on earth anymore, Sinestro would need him on the frontlines in space.  Eventually a Sinestro Corps soldier of earth will be chosen, so Crane may get another chance then.

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