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A villain working for Dead Lexington, he was responsible for the death of Soldier American's sidekick, The Devil Boy by possessing Soldier American and making him kill him. An event that still haunted him to this day. Years later when Blur Girl was injured because of Thor's attack, Scarecrow Sinister once again possessed him in order to killher and he would have succeeded if it wasn't for Prairie Ghost's timely intervention. During the fight between them Scarecrow Sinister possessed Prairie Ghost and fatally injured Soldier American. Scarecrow American met his doom when Blur Girl, who was healed by one of Dead Lexington's captured healers, attacked him while he was distracted by the fight and threw him off a window.


Scarecrow Sinister was capable of possessing and controlling other people's bodies from a distance. This left his body vulnerable to attacks though.

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